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Our professional and experts are focused to provide our customers with state-of-the-art
IT solutions. F10 has business alliances and contacts with leading IT vendors and system
integrators in the region such as Compaq, HP, Cisco, Symantec, DELL, Microsoft, Acer
and Lenovo
Our consultants and engineers with more than seven years of experience in Systems
Integration are trained and certified by major IT vendors. Their technical skills are
continually enhanced to ensure high quality design and implementation of all services &
solutions provided by F10. Our professional staff is sanctioned to meet their service
objectives in an interrelated and synchronized approach and is committed to provide
outstanding service and customer satisfaction.
F10 has been successfully maintaining an independent and profitable organization. Our
clients, namely, Magic Planet, Juma Al Majid, Aramex, Nice Air Express, Total
Automation Middle East LLC, CarFare Rentals, Al Rawabi, Fortune International, Sanyo
and many more, cover all commercial and industrial sectors from Energy, Telecom,
Defense, Education, Transportation, Finance, Public Utilities to Government